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University Handbook for Appointed Personnel




Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Statements

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.01 Repealed

1.02 Role of Appointed Personnel

1.03 Repealed

1.04 Governance

Chapter 2: General Policies of the University

2.01 Equal Employment Policy

2.02 Alcohol Policy and Regulations

2.03 Death and Injury Reports

2.04 Seeking Advanced Degrees

2.05 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

2.06 Employment Policies

2.07 Facilities, Equipment, and Supplies

2.08 Repealed

2.09 Gifts to the University: Solicitation and Receipt

2.10 Political Activity and Lobbying Policy

2.11 Course Materials

2.12 Public Service by Employees

2.13 Research-Related Policies

2.14 Repealed

2.15 Sales Solicitations (On-Campus) Unrelated to University Business

2.16 Sexual Harassment

2.17 Smoking and Tobacco Policy

2.18 Visiting Scholars and University Guests

2.19 Protection of Employees from Reprisal for Whistleblowing

2.20 Nepotism

2.21 Workplace Violence

2.22 Fair Labor Standards Act and Overtime Policy

2.23 Pre-Employment Screening

2.24 Visitors in the Workplace

2.25 Ineligibility for Reemployment or Professional Affiliation

2.26 Interactions with Non-enrolled Minors

2.27 Religious Accommodation

2.28 Access to and Release of Personnel Records and Information

Chapter 3: Personnel Policies and Procedures for Faculty

3.1 Duties and Appointments of Faculty

3.2 Annual Performance Reviews of Faculty

3.3 Promotion and Tenure

3.4 Suspensions and Terminations of Faculty Appointments

Chapter 4: Personnel Policies and Procedures for Academic and Service Professional Employees


Chapter 4A: Personnel Policies and Procedures for Continuing Status and Continuing-Eligible Academic Professional Employees

4A.1 Duties and Appointments of Continuing Status and Continuing-Eligible Academic Professional Employees

4A.2 Annual Performance Reviews of Continuing Status and Continuing-Eligible Academic Professional Employees

4A.3 Promotion and Continuing Status

4A.4 Suspensions and Terminations of Continuing Status and Continuing-Eligible Academic Professional Appointments

Chapter 4B: Personnel Policies and Procedures for Academic Professional Employees

4B.1 Duties and Appointments of Academic Professional Employees

4B.2 Annual Performance Reviews of Academic Professional Employees

4B.3 Promotion

4B.4 Suspensions and Terminations of Academic Professional Appointments

Chapter 4C: Personnel Policies and Procedures for Service Professional Employees

4C.1 Duties and Appointments of Service Professional Employees

4C.2 Annual Performance Reviews of Service Professional Employees

4C.3 Career Advancement for Service Professional Employees

4C.4 Suspensions and Terminations of Service Professional Appointments

Chapter 5: Personnel Policies and Procedures for Administrative Personnel

5.1 Duties, Appointments, and Compensation of Administrative Personnel

5.2 Annual Performance Reviews of Administrative Personnel

5.3 Five-Year Reviews of Administrative Personnel

5.4 Suspensions and Terminations of Administrative Appointments

Chapter 6: Grievances and Hearings

Chapter 7: Academic Policies and Related Information

7.01 Professional Conduct

7.02 Curriculum and Academic Programs

7.03 Student Enrollment

7.04 Attendance

7.05 Removal of Students for Disturbances

7.06 Withdrawals and Undergraduate Leaves of Absence

7.07 Student Conduct

7.08 Grading, Examinations, and Academic Standing

7.08.08 Undergraduate Course Syllabus

7.09 Resolution on College Governance

Chapter 8: Leaves

8.01 Vacations and Holiday Leaves

8.02 Health-Related Leaves

8.03–8.04 Other Leaves

8.05 Temporary Alternative Duty Assignment

8.06 Light-Duty Placement

Chapter 9: Repealed

Chapter 10: Benefits

10.01 Group Insurance and Benefit Programs

10.02 Retirement Policy

10.04 Workers' Compensation Insurance

10.05 Unemployment Insurance

10.06 Repealed

10.07 Repealed

10.08 Continuing Professional Development

10.09 Qualified Tuition Reduction

10.10. Repealed

Chapter 11: Repealed

Chapter 12: Conditions of Postdoctoral Service