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Duties, Appointments, and Compensation of Administrative Personnel

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Last Revised Date: 
August, 2016
Policy Number: 
UHAP 5.1
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Human Resources


5.1.01 Duties

Administrative personnel, including vice presidents, deans, and academic department heads, are appointed subject to the responsibilities detailed in ABOR-PM 6-101, et seq. Duties of administrative personnel will consist of those responsibilities assigned by the President or a designated administrator. All references to the President in this Chapter will include the President's designee. All duties and responsibilities will be carried out under the direction of the President, who may alter or amend assigned duties or change working titles at any time during an appointment period. Performance of assigned duties and responsibilities by administrative personnel will be subject to evaluation by the President. Performance will be considered in decisions relating to compensation and personnel matters.

5.1.02 Appointments

All administrators will receive a Notice of Appointment or Reappointment, which is the University's official employment contract. Appointments may be for an academic year beginning on or about August 15, a fiscal year beginning July 1, or a portion of such academic or fiscal year. Appointments and reappointments will not be for more than one fiscal year nor extend beyond June 30 of any year. No oral or written communication made prior to or after the execution of a Notice of Appointment or Reappointment that is inconsistent or in conflict with the Conditions of Administrative Service (ABOR-PM 6-101, et seq.) will become a part of the conditions of employment. Appointments and renewals of appointments will be for the period designated in the Notice of Appointment or Reappointment.

Appointments become effective when approved by the President, but may require approval or ratification by ABOR, as prescribed.

If an administrative appointment depends upon funding from a source other than state appropriations, that fact will be stated in the Notice of Appointment or Reappointment.

The University is not required to provide either a performance review or notice of nonrenewal for employees with appointments the University has indicated are not intended to extend beyond six months.

5.1.03 Compensation

The President will set salaries for administrators in accordance with ABOR and University procedures based on the employees' duties, authority, responsibilities, and job descriptions. Salary adjustments are based on performance and contractual obligations. Performance will be evaluated as provided in Section 5.2.02. Decisions relating to compensation, including merit increases or reductions in salary, are not subject to review except as provided in Section 5.2.03 and Chapter 6.

If an administrative appointment depends upon funding from a source other than state appropriations, that appointment may be reduced in FTE and/or salary or may be terminated if the nonstate funding is no longer available. Except in the event of loss of funding, administrative personnel whose duties or titles change during an appointment period will retain their administrative salaries through the end of their appointment period.

When an administrative appointment terminates, if the administrator holds a faculty or other position that will continue beyond the period of the administrative appointment, the administrator may return to that appointment. In many cases, the transition from an administrative to a faculty appointment involves a shift from a fiscal to an academic-year contract. The faculty salary will not be determined by simply reducing the fiscal salary to its academic-year equivalent. The President will determine that individual's new salary on the same basis as all other salaries, taking into consideration the individual's previous salary, the individual's rank, time in that rank, prior achievements, potential for performance, and salaries of peers. If an administrator's salary includes a stipend as a component of the administrator's pay, the administrator no longer would be entitled to the stipend designated for that purpose once the administrative appointment terminates.

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Minor revisions approved August 23, 2016

All sections revised July 2014

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