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Leave for the Purpose of Bone Marrow or Organ Donation

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
January 1, 2010
Last Revised Date: 
January, 2020
Classified Staff Human Resources Policy Manual 223.0
University Handbook for Appointed Personnel 8.02.05
University Staff Manual 3-101
Responsible Unit: 
Human Resources


This policy applies to all University employees.


University employees are entitled to a leave of absence for the purpose of bone marrow or organ donation in accordance with ARS §41-706.


Up to five (5) work days to serve as a bone marrow donor or up to thirty (30) work days as an organ donor for a human transplant. If the employee is eligible for Family and Medical Leave, the bone marrow/organ donor leave of absence will run concurrently.  

Pay and Benefits Status

The employee is entitled to receive regular pay and benefits during the bone marrow/organ donation leave of absence. For the purpose of determining seniority, pay or pay increases, performance awards, and the receipt of any benefit that may be affected by a leave of absence, service is considered uninterrupted by this leave of absence. The employee must not be penalized for requesting or obtaining leave for this purpose.

Compliance and Responsibilities

The employee should provide as much notice as possible when requesting bone marrow/organ donation leave of absence and must provide written medical certification issued by the employee’s healthcare provider stating that the employee is to serve as a donor and specifying the kind of donation to be made.

Revision History*

12/01/2023: Updated responsible unit email address.

03/01/2023: Replaced Division of Human Resources with Human Resources.

01/22/2020: Unified statement for all employees.

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