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Last Revised Date: 
June, 2015
Policy Number: 
UHAP 7.04
Responsible Unit: 
Dean of Students


7.04.01 General

The University policy concerning student class attendance is available online in the General Catalog as follows:

7.04.02 Excused Absence for Group of Students

University policy, adopted by the Faculty Senate, governing excused absences for groups of more than three students is as follows:

A. Policy

  1. A student may be excused from classes for attendance at officially authorized functions in accordance with the authorization directives below and for regularly scheduled field trips announced in the General Catalog.
  2. The instructor shall accept such excuses and shall impose no penalty if the students have complied with the prescribed procedures for excused absence. Instructors should also notify persons in charge of their quiz or laboratory sections of these excused absences.
  3. Trips for groups of students shall be scheduled at times other than those days reserved for final examinations each semester.
  4. For trips during the semester, the approval of the academic dean as well as that of the Dean of Students must be obtained. Normally the deans will not give approval for students on academic probation.

B. Authorization

  1. When more than three students from a student group are involved, an official form, which may be obtained from the Office of the Dean of Students, must be used.
  2. Using the official form, the adviser of a student group lists the students proposed as participants.
  3. Once or twice a semester the sponsoring dean checks the academic record of each participating student, eliminating those whose scholastic standing is not sufficiently high.
  4. The sponsoring dean then sends the list to the Dean of Students Office. Students traveling in University vehicles are covered by insurance; students who drive themselves in their own cars may not be covered. Questions about current policy should be directed to Risk Management Services. Travel arrangements should be made known at the time the Activity Program Permit (or memorandum in case of field trips) is completed, and must be noted on the travel regulation line.

7.04.03 Field Trips

Instructors who have field trips regularly scheduled as part of their courses should make application in advance for University transportation on special forms available from their department heads. Any field trips that are not included in the General Catalog course description must be arranged in conjunction with the dean of the college concerned.

Instructors in charge of field trips must inform their students before any trip that a student arranging transportation other than that furnished by the University is not covered by University insurance until she or he arrives at the site and rejoins the group. Nonmembers of the class (e.g., friends, spouses) who go on a field trip are not covered by University insurance.

Revision History*

02/21/2023: Updated link to attendance policy under Section 7.4.01.

08/30/2022: Updated link to attendance policy under Section 7.4.01 and link to Official Activity Excused Absence Request Form under Related Information section.

06/2015: Updated links under Section 7.4.03.

09/2001: Revised Section 7.4.01.

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