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University Staff Manual

Human Resources Policies

1. Employment

1-100           Access to and Release of Personnel Records and Information

1-101           Employment Eligibility and Verification

1-102           Employment of Relatives

1-103           Licensing/Certification Requirements

1-104           Loyalty Oath

1-105           Noncompetitive Selection

1-106           Pre-Employment Screening

1-107           Recruitment

1-108           Selective Service Registration


2. Benefits   

2-100           Continuing Professional Development

2-101           Group Insurance and Benefit Programs

2-102           Qualified Tuition Reduction

2-103           Retirement Policy

2-104           Temporary Alternative Duty Assignment

2-105           Unemployment Insurance


3. Paid and Unpaid Time Off

3-100           Bereavement Leave

3-101           Leave for the Purpose of Bone Marrow or Organ Donation

3-102           Compassionate Transfer of Leave

3-103           Excused Unpaid Absence

3-104           Federal Family and Medical Leave

3-105           Holidays

3-106           Jury Duty and Material Witness Leave

3-107           Military Duty Leaves

3-108           Parental Leave

3-109           Personal Leave of Absence

3-110           Sick Time

3-111           University Closure Compensation

3-112           University-Designated Emergency Leave

3-113           University Staff Vacation Time

3-114           Victim’s Leave

3-115           Voting Leave


4. Compensation

4-100           Fair Labor Standards Act and Overtime

4-101           On-Call (Standby) Status and Call-Back Status

4-102           University Staff Compensation Policy


5. Employee Relations

5-100           Criminal Offense Convictions Policy

5-101           Ineligibility for Reemployment or Professional Affiliation

5-102           Labor Union Membership

5-103           Management of Personal Conflicts of Interest for the University of Arizona

5-104           University Employment and Non-University Employment Relationships

5-105           University Staff Management Authority and Employee Expectations Policy

5-106           University Staff Separation from Employment Policy

5-107           University Staff Standards of Conduct

5-108           Use of University Property

5-109           Workplace Violence


Key University Policies

Contact the responsible unit directly if you have questions about these policies.

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Policy


HR-201E     Equal Employment

HR-200E     Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment

6-194          Protection of Employees from Reprisal for Whistleblowing

HR-202       Religious Accommodation



ISO-1700    Electronic Privacy Policy

SA-501       Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

                   Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification



Bus-500      Death and Injury Reports

Fin-401       Exclusionary Order

RM-002       Fleet Safety Policy

Bus-401      International Travel Safety and Compliance Policy

Fin-400       Weapons on Campus

215.0          Workers’ Compensation/Job-Related Injuries or Illnesses


Standards of Conduct

SA-203       Alcohol Policy and Regulations

Res-300      Investigations of Misconduct in Scholarly, Creative, and Research Activities

Fin-101       Misuse of University Assets

6-705          Outside Employment

SA-200        Campus Use Policy

HR-104       Political Activity and Lobbying Policy

SA-301        Smoking and Tobacco

Bus-400      Visitors in the Workplace

         Interactions with Nonenrolled Minors


Technology and Information Security

ISO-700      Acceptable Use of Computers and Networks Policy

HR-103       Approved Use of University Computing and Communication Equipment

ISO-500      Information Security Awareness Training Policy

ISO-600      Information Security Incident Reporting and Response Policy

                   Social Media Guidelines

CIO-201      Use of Electronic Signatures