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Classified Staff Human Resources Policy Manual



This manual summarizes policies and administrative procedures for Classified Staff employees of the University of Arizona. It shall hereafter be referred to as "the Manual." It applies specifically to Classified Staff employees. Throughout the Manual, any reference to the University of Arizona incorporates the Arizona Board of Regents, which is the constitutional body responsible for directing all University of Arizona affairs.

In order to ensure that policy interpretations are consistent, the Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer or designee is solely responsible for interpreting personnel policy application and intent. The Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer's interpretations shall be applicable to all pertinent situations. All references to "Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer" or "responsible administrator" shall include that person's designee.

Nothing in this Manual is intended to create a contract, either expressed or implied, between the University of Arizona and its employees for either employment or any benefit. All policies herein are subject to the continuing approval of the University and the Arizona Board of Regents.

The Manual shall apply to all pertinent situations from the time of its adoption. The University may alter, eliminate, or add to any of the provisions of the Manual at any time and for any reason, and such alterations, eliminations, or additions shall apply to all pertinent situations from the time of their inception.

1. Employment Policies

100.0 Equal Employment Policy

101.0 Sexual Harassment

102.0 Employment Categories

103.0 Recruitment and Employment of Classified Staff

103.1 Pre-Employment Screening Policy

104.0 Flexible-Year Positions

106.0 Employment Eligibility and Verification

107.0 Selective Service Registration

108.0 Employment of Relatives

109.0 Loyalty Oath

110.0 Employment Testing for Classified Staff

111.0 Licensing/Certification Requirements

112.0 Probationary Periods

114.0 Employee Information: Provision of Name, Address, Highest Degree

115.0 Employment Reference/Verification

115.1 Access to and Release of Personnel Records and Information

116.0 Recruitment

117.0 Noncompetitive Selection

123.0 Time in Position Requirement

124.0 Death and Injury Reports

125.0 Equipment and Supplies: Purchases, Inventory, Surplus, Disposal, Loss Reports

126.0 Sales Solicitations (On-Campus) Unrelated to University Business

2. Benefits Policies

200.0 Vacation

201.0 Sick Time

201.1 Compassionate Transfer of Leave

203.0 Holidays

Administrative Absences

208.1 Bereavement Leave

208.2 Jury Duty and Material Witness Leave

208.3 University-Designated Emergency Leave

208.4 Voting Leave

209.0 Excused Unpaid Absence

212.0 Personal Leave of Absence

214.0 Military Duty Leaves

215.0 Workers' Compensation/Job-Related Injuries or Illnesses

216.0 Light-Duty Placement

217.0 Qualified Tuition Reduction

218.0 Federal Family and Medical Leave

219.0 Temporary Alternative Duty Assignment

221.0 Victim's Leave

222.0 Group Insurance and Benefit Programs

222.1 Retirement Policy

222.2 Unemployment Insurance

223.0 Leave for the Purpose of Bone Marrow or Organ Donation

3. Compensation Policies

300.0 Compensation and Classification System

304.0 Requests for Position Reclassification

305.0 Reclassification Studies

306.0 Pay Rates-Hire, Promotion, Reclassification, Regrade

308.0 Merit Increases

310.0 Repealed.  Refer to the Employee Resources - Payroll website for more information on paydays and paychecks.

311.0 Fair Labor Standards Act and Overtime

315.0 Assignment to Special Duty

316.0 Supplemental Compensation

317.0 Repealed

318.0 In-Classification Career Progression

319.0 On-Call (Standby) Status and Call-Back Status

4. Employee Relations Policies

400.0 Employee Rights/Management Rights

400.1 Whistleblower

400.2 Labor Union Membership

401.0 Classified Staff Rules of Conduct

401.1 Workplace Violence

402.0 Termination

403.0 Disciplinary Action

404.0 Predischarge/Suspension without Pay Meeting

405.0 Layoff/Reduction in Force

406.0 Staff Dispute Resolution (Grievance) Procedure

407.0 Retired

408.0 Smoking and Tobacco

409.0 Religious Accommodation

410.0 Repealed

411.0 University Employment and Non-University Employment Relationships

412.0 Political Activity and Lobbying Policy

413.0 Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Policy

414.0 Use of University Property

415.0 Collections and Garnishments

415.1 Non-Solicitation Regarding University Assets

416.0 Access to/Release of Employee Information

417.0 Employee Recognition

418.0 Approved Use of University Computing and Communication Equipment

419.0 Acceptable Use of Computers and Networks

420.0 Misuse of University Assets

421.0 Visitors in the Workplace

422.0 Criminal Offense Convictions Policy

423.0 Ineligibility for Reemployment or Professional Affiliation

424.0 Interactions with Non-enrolled Minors


5. Training and Employee Development Policies

501.0 Performance Appraisal

502.0 Non-University Training Courses

503.0 Continuing Professional Development