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Supplemental Compensation

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Effective Date: 
September 1, 1988
Last Revised Date: 
April, 2015
Policy Number: 
CSM 316.0
Responsible Unit: 
Human Resources


A Classified Staff employee may be eligible to receive supplemental compensation when, in addition to the employee's normal work schedule:

  1. The employee is needed for specific times to work outside their normal work schedule in departments other than those to which the employee is normally assigned; or
  2. The employee is needed for specific times outside their normal work schedule to perform work in job classifications other than the job classification to which the employee is currently assigned.

Eligibility—Exempt Employees

Supplemental Work/Compensation must (1) be for a specific period of time; (2) be approved by the Dean or Dean's designee in academic areas, or the Director or Director's designee in non-academic areas; (3) be performed by an employee during hours outside their normal work schedule; and (4) either be performed for a department other than the employee's assigned department, or, the specific type of work to be performed must be separate and distinct from the duties and responsibilities involved in the employee's existing job classification.

The maximum number of hours of supplemental compensation that may be earned by a Classified Staff employee during a fiscal year is 176 hours, or 1/12 of the annual salary.

Eligibility—Nonexempt Employees

Nonexempt Classified Staff employees must receive compensation for all hours worked and are not eligible to be paid using the supplemental compensation process. However, nonexempt employees may perform additional nonexempt work outside their regularly assigned schedule and for another department. All hours worked in nonexempt job(s) contribute towards overtime calculations (see Policy 311.0 Fair Labor Standards Act and Overtime).

A nonexempt employee in a full-time position (1.0 FTE) should have the additional hours and pay coordinated through the employee’s home department/position.

A nonexempt employee in a position that is less than full time (< 1.0 FTE) may be hired into an additional nonexempt position.

Hours worked in a department/position outside of the home department/position must be paid in cash (versus compensatory time).

Payment Requirements

Payment of Supplemental Compensation to Classified Staff employees is contingent upon a position being properly funded and approved for supplemental work and having the required administrative approvals on the Supplemental Compensation form placing the employee in the position.

The granting of Supplemental Compensation to a Classified Staff employee is subject to prior approval of the cognizant Dean or Director and Human Resources.

Rate of Pay

When the supplemental work to be performed by an employee is within their job classification in a department other than the employee's normally assigned department, the supplemental compensation payment may only be granted at the employee's regular rate of pay.

Compensation for supplemental work that is separate and distinct from the duties and responsibilities of the employee's regular job description shall be within the hiring range of the assigned pay grade of the job classification which encompasses the supplemental work, or at a rate approved by the Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer.

Related Information*

311.0. Fair Labor Standards Act and Overtime Policy

A.R.S.§38-601 Effect of payment of legal salary

Revision History*

12/01/2023: Updated responsible unit email address.

10/04/2023: Updated to reflect gender neutral pronouns.

03/01/2023: Replaced Division of Human Resources with Human Resources.

02/12/2020: Non-substantive title update.

04/28/2015: Removed reference to repealed ABOR policy.


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