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Non-University Training Courses

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Effective Date: 
September 1, 1988
Policy Number: 
CSM 502.0
Responsible Unit: 
Human Resources


When department management directs or approves the attendance of an employee at a job-related course or seminar offered by an organization other than the University, the employee shall be reimbursed for the cost of the tuition upon satisfactory completion of the course. This reimbursement applies only to courses or seminars that are taken on a situational and occasional basis as opposed to courses taken toward completion of a degree.

Departmental management has an obligation to consider the reasons and institutional benefits for an employee taking a non-University training course, as well as the cost and quality of the course offering, before approving the expenditure of funds for the course.

Release time from work shall be granted to employees to attend non-University courses that (a) the supervisor has determined are beneficial to the employee's department and relate to the employee's present job responsibilities and development, (b) are scheduled at a time convenient to the department as determined by the supervisor, and (c) the department is able to fund. The time spent in such courses shall be recorded as hours worked on the Employee Timesheet.

Employees shall not register or attend courses offered by any institution during their normal work hours without the prior approval of their supervisors.

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12/01/2023: Updated responsible unit email address.

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