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Procedure for Repealing Existing University Policies

Capitalized terms used but not defined in this procedure have the meaning assigned in the University Policy-Making Policy.

This procedure applies to University Policies (“Policy”), which have broad applications across the University and meet the requirements listed in the University Policy-Making Policy.  The President, or the President’s designee, may bypass this procedure by issuing a notice of repeal if the President, or designee, determines that there is a compelling University interest to do so. Such notice will be posted on the University Policies portal for 30 calendar days.

The Policy Analyst in University Initiatives & Policy is responsible for ensuring the repealing of Policies adheres to this procedure.

This procedure is not required for:


  1. Identify Need for Repealing a Current Policy. If a member of the University Community believes a current Policy should be repealed, the individual shall notify the Responsible Unit noted on the Policy to discuss the potential repeal of the Policy, or contact University Initiatives & Policy/Policy Analyst with any questions. Shared governance groups of elected faculty representatives, such as the Faculty Senate and Committee of Eleven, and other shared governance groups, such as the Classified Staff Council, Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA), and the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC), play a unique and important role in suggesting policies that may need to be repealed. The role of elected faculty representatives is recognized in ARS 15-1601(B). Responsible Units should engage with elected faculty representatives and shared governance groups to discuss their policy ideas and feedback.
  2. Prepare the Policy Repeal and Tracking Statement. The Policy Sponsor or designee requesting the repeal of a University Policy must complete the University Policy Repeal and Tracking Statement and submit it to the Policy Analyst. A “Policy Sponsor” is the administrator or compliance professional who oversees the Unit that is responsible for the Policy. Policy Sponsors may delegate the steps of this procedure.
  1. The Policy Analyst sends the University Policy Repeal and Tracking Statement to the Office of the General Counsel (OGC).
  2. OGC and the Policy Analyst review the Policy Repeal and Tracking Statement, consult with the Policy Sponsor, and shared governance groups and University Community as appropriate, and assess whether the repeal is in the best interest of the University. For example, if the Policy is no longer relevant or does not meet the definition of a Policy.
  1. Obtain Approval. If the Policy Sponsor and OGC recommend that the Policy be repealed because it is in the best interest of the University, the Senior Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel signs the Policy Repeal Cover Sheet and submits it along with the Policy proposed to be repealed to the Executive Office of the President for the President’s approval and signature on the Policy Repeal Cover Sheet.
  2. Post the Repealed Policy.  Upon receipt of the signed Policy Repeal Cover Sheet, the Policy Analyst will post the repealed Policy on the list of Repealed Policies on the University Policies portal.
  1. If the President bypasses this procedure by issuing a notice of repeal, the notice will be posted on the University Policies portal for 30 calendar days.
  2. The Policy Analyst will unpublish any Policies repealed in the last year from the University Policies portal.


Revised: March 2023

Revised: December 2022

Revised: August 2022