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Course Syllabus Policy: Undergraduate (with Template)

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
January 25, 2016
Last Revised Date: 
March, 2021
Policy Number: 
Responsible Unit: 
Curricular Affairs


The distribution of a course information sheet or syllabus is required for all University undergraduate courses.¹ The syllabus is a statement of intent and schedule of topics/activities that serves as an implicit agreement between the instructor and students. It must be distributed (either as a hard copy or online) during the first week of classes, and an electronic copy, available to students, must be retained by the department office. By policy, the following information must be provided:

Required Item Explanation
1. Instructor(s) and contact information List names (including GTAs), office/room numbers, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses
2. Instructor's availability

In-person courses: give office hours or explain the “open-door” policy

Online courses: clarify the instructor’s response time to questions (e.g., 24 hours)
3. Course objectives  List what the instructor plans to cover in the course; the objectives should align with the Course Catalog description.
4. Expected learning outcomes List what the student should learn or be able to do upon completing the course. Learning outcomes should be stated in measurable terms and should be aligned with the learning outcomes for the program (e.g., Major, Minor, General Education).
5. Absence and class participation policies

In-person courses: State the class absence policies, as well as UA policies on the following kinds of excused absences:

Online courses: State the class participation policies—what constitutes participation and how that will be evaluated.
6. Required texts or readings List both required and recommended texts and readings, and where to locate those readings.
7. Required or special materials List special tools or supplies that are needed (e.g., zip disks, drafting tools).
8. Required examinations and papers Specify the number of quizzes, examinations, and papers.
9. Required extracurricular activities Explain field trips, service-learning activities, etc., with the expected time commitment.
10. Final examination or project Identify the date and time of the final exam (or project due date), with a link to the Final Exam Regulations and Schedule,
11. Grading scale and grade policies Specify in detail the methods of evaluation, how those methods factor into the final grade, and the scale used to determine final grades. State how late assignments and extra credit opportunities, if any, will be handled.
12. Classroom behavior policy Present policies to foster a positive learning environment, including use of cell phones, mobile devices, etc.
13. Threatening behavior policy State the UA Threatening Behavior by Students policy, which prohibits threats of physical harm to any member of the University community:
14. Academic Integrity policy State the Student Code of Academic Integrity that prohibits plagiarism:
15. Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment policy State the University Policy 200E on prohibited behaviors:
16. Accommodations for students with disabilities Include the statement for reasonable accommodations provided by the Disability Resources Center:
17. Schedule of topics and activities Present the weekly/daily schedule, including assignment due dates and exam dates.
18. Subject to change statement Include a statement indicating that the information contained in the course syllabus, other than the grade and absence policies, may be subject to change with reasonable advance notice, as deemed appropriate by the instructor.
Sample Syllabus Templates See Related Resources for an Undergraduate Course Syllabus Template for in-person classes and other helpful links.

Effective Term:  Summer and Fall 2016 for all undergraduate courses; revisions effective for Spring 2019.

​For co-convened 400/500-level classes, the instructor may use a single syllabus for the jointly convened class or separate syllabi for the graduate and undergraduate offerings. If a single syllabus is used, it must meet the requirements of both the Undergraduate and Graduate Syllabus Policies and must clearly distinguish between graduate and undergraduate requirements and workload expectations.

Related Information*

Develop Your Own Course-Level Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate Course Syllabus Template for In-Person Classes (non-General Education): In addition to the January 2016 Undergraduate Syllabus Policy, the Undergraduate Council (with approval from the Senate Executive Committee) offers faculty this template with language to be used if a faculty member so chooses. The template includes the required topics listed above, using the recommended language, along with recommended (but optional) topics that may be added if appropriate for an in-person course.

Abbreviated Undergraduate Course Syllabus Template for In-Person Classes: The Office of Instruction & Assessment is now encouraging faculty to use this option.

Undergraduate Course Syllabus Template for In-Person General Education Classes: The University-wide General Education Committee offers an amended template, based on the one approved by the Undergraduate Council and Faculty Senate, that includes the required components for Tier One and Tier Two courses.

Abbreviated Undergraduate Course Syllabus Template for In-Person General Education Classes

Syllabus Inventory for UA Online Courses: This inventory ensures all policy requirements are met while allowing flexibility for instructors to use departmental or unit templates.

DRC Statement on Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Final Exam Regulations and Schedule

Student Code of Academic Integrity

UA Religious Accommodation Policy

UA Threatening Behavior by Students Policy

ABOR Policy 5-308 Student Code of Conduct

Revision History*

05/25/2022: Updated links (non-substantive revisions).

03/24/2021: New templates and policy revisions due to changes on Registrar Office website.

04/01/2020: New full templates for gen ed and non-gen ed courses uploaded.

11/05/2018: Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes split into two items.

10/22/2019: New templates uploaded.

08/2017: Online course syllabus inventory uploaded, reference to online syllabus template removed.

08/11/2016: Template with updated hyperlinks uploaded.

6/23/2016: Hyperlink updated.

06/2005: Replaces previous policy approved by the Faculty Senate.








* Please note that sections titled Frequently Asked Questions, Sources, Related Information, and Revision History are provided solely for the convenience of users and are not part of the official University policy.