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Personnel Policies and Procedures for Academic and Service Professional Employees

This chapter covers the conditions of employment for professional employees whose Notices of Appointment specify they are academic or service professional employees. As detailed in Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual (ABOR-PM) 6-301 and 6-302, academic professional employees are non-classified employees involved with research or teaching programs who require professional and intellectual freedom and who report to a person below the level of vice president, including librarians, cooperative extensionists, museum curators, and researchers. As detailed in ABOR-PM 6-301 and 6-303, service professionals are non-classified employees whose professional activities support the mission of the Board of Regents (hereafter "Board") and the University in one or more of the following ways: applying specialized, technical or advanced knowledge or experience that typically requires formal advanced education; performing creative, innovative, or imaginative work; providing middle to upper-level management of operations through the direct leadership of personnel; having significant impact on the selection of employees, compensation, or evaluation of employees; planning and effectiveness of the work environment; making independent decisions in matters of significance at the University; and exercising professional discretion and expertise.

The Notice of Appointment or Reappointment is the University's official employment contract. The President or the President's designee will determine the type of appointment for academic and service professional employees. The Notice of Appointment for academic professional employees will designate whether they are "continuing-eligible," "continuing status," "limited appointment," "year-to-year," or "multiple-year." The Notice of Appointment for service professional employees will designate whether their appointment is "academic year," "fiscal year," or "limited appointment." Renewals of appointments for all academic professional employees on academic year appointments occur on or about August 15. Renewals of appointments for professional employees on fiscal year appointments occur on July 1. No oral or written communication made prior to or after the execution of a Notice of Appointment or Reappointment that is inconsistent with the Conditions of Service for Academic and Service Professionals in ABOR-PM 6-301, et seq. or University Policy will become a part of the conditions of employment. Appointments and renewals of appointments will be for the period designated in the Notice of Appointment or Reappointment. Appointments become effective when approved by the President. Academic and service professional employees may hold multiple appointments. However, the total appointments can be no more than one full-time equivalent.

If an appointment depends on funding from a source other than state appropriations, that fact will be stated in the Notice of Appointment or Reappointment. Such appointments may be reduced in FTE and/or salary or terminated to the extent the nonstate funding is no longer available. Termination based on lack of funding does not apply to continuing status appointments.

If academic or service professional employees require a license or certification to complete their duties, their appointments are conditional upon obtaining and maintaining the license or certification.

All references to the President in this chapter will include the President's designee.

6-301. Conditions of Service for Academic and Service Professionals

6-302  Conditions of Service for Academic Professionals

6-303  Conditions of Service for Service Professionals

Rev. 8/23/2016