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Facilities, Equipment, and Supplies: General Policies

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Last Revised Date: 
March, 2016
Policy Number: 
UHAP 2.07.01
Responsible Unit: 
Faculty Affairs


The facilities, space, supplies, services, and equipment owned by the University of Arizona are held for the purposes of teaching, research, and service. Other uses are sometimes permitted, on a noninterference basis with respect to these primary functions.

The unit administrator (department head, dean, director) is responsible for the proper use of facilities, space, and equipment within guidelines set by higher administration. Arrangements for their use for technology transfer or related activities can be made by individual faculty or professional staff members upon approval by the unit administrator, the Senior Vice President for Research, and the Provost. Such arrangements will be reviewed periodically by the Senior Vice President for Research and by the Provost to ensure that they do not interfere with the primary purposes of the institution.

Any employee who perceives that such an arrangement is interfering with the University's teaching, research, or service functions may bring the matter to the attention of the University Committee on Ethics and Commitment (UCEC). UCEC will hear complaints and investigate the possible inappropriate use of space, equipment, or other facilities, and will contact the appropriate administrator(s) as an initial step in this process. The results of UCEC's investigations and its recommendations will be sent to the faculty member(s) involved, department heads and deans, and the Research Integrity Officer. UCEC will report annually to the Faculty Senate on the number and nature of the cases investigated.

Revision History*

3/2016: title change from VP to SVP.


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