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CatCard Keyless Access Security and Security Systems for New Construction, Alterations, and Renovations of Existing University Buildings

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
July 1, 2000
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Responsible Unit: 
Facilities Management

Purpose and Summary

The University of Arizona has established a campus-wide Keyless Access and Security System Program to better manage its resources and facilities. This system will utilize the University's CatCard as the "key" for future integrated management and access to University of Arizona services and facilities. The focus of this system is to address the issues of loss prevention, personal safety, and convenience through the use of this standardized technology. The system will provide a computerized control center to manage, process, record, and notify appropriate response agencies as needed. On July 7, 1997, the University of Arizona Procurement and Contracting Services issued a memorandum regarding sole source purchases of Amer-X Security, Inc. (vendor).


All new construction, remodeling projects, facility expansions, modular building projects, and any other major modification to a University building, structure, or facility must include planning to accommodate the Keyless Access/Security System or have obtained an exception as provided by this policy.


Facilities Management will oversee the activities of Amer-X Security, Inc. (vendor). Facilities Management staff along with the vendor will act in an advisory capacity to facilitate user meetings, determine design criteria, determine location and type of peripheral devices, and design system layout. Vendor personnel will facilitate the proper interfacing capabilities of all related systems applications for Keyless Access and Security Systems. This is an ongoing program. In many cases the design criteria and budget demands may limit the scope of work to rough-in conduit and boxes for future use. Since the entire campus will move to this technology, it is imperative that the rough-in work be done during the construction and/or remodel stage

The vendor, with Facilities Management; Planning, Design and Construction; and/or Real Estate Administration, will work with the assigned architectural and engineering firms and/or department heads and building monitors to facilitate and support the following areas:

  • Define and develop the basic design criteria for the use of Keyless Access and Security Systems to meet the identified needs of each facility or department.
  • Identify the specific doors and/or areas that are determined to warrant the installation of Keyless Access and Security and the requirements necessary to facilitate the installation of this equipment.
  • Determine and show on a set of drawings the location of the necessary control equipment and related peripheral devices.
  • Determine and show on the drawings the power requirements for the control equipment.
  • Identify telecommunications facilities required for Keyless Access and Security Systems.
  • The vendor will provide installation, activation, programming, and training for Keyless Access and Security Systems provided at the University of Arizona.

Exceptions can be granted only by the Senior Vice President for Business Affairs, and then only to accommodate extenuating circumstances temporarily. Facilities Management will take the necessary and appropriate action to correct any projects that are initiated in violation of this policy. Any entities that violate the policy resulting in additional cost will be required to bear the cost to make necessary corrections. Thank you for your cooperation to ensure proper management of University buildings and resources.

Related Information*

Specific telephone numbers have been established for use on campus:

  • 24-Hour Service or Technical Support - 626-9346
  • Equipment Use, System Application Concerns, or General Business Questions - 626-9345

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