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Campus Arboretum Tree Collections Policy (Summary)

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
January 24, 2003
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Responsible Unit: 
Campus Arboretum

Purpose and Summary

The mission of the Campus Arboretum at the University of Arizona is to provide conservation and stewardship of urban trees through research, education, and outreach.

The purpose of the Collections Policy is to provide guidance and focus to those charged with the planning, development, and management of the plant collections of the University of Arizona Campus Arboretum, with the aim of optimizing utilization of available resources to realize the Campus Arboretum's mission through effective and appropriate collections development.

The primary collections of the UA Campus Arboretum are its collections of living plants. A secondary, voucher collection of plants is housed at the University of Arizona Herbarium (ARIZ), a unit mandated by the State of Arizona. The above-cited purposes govern the Arboretum's collections of living plants.


The University of Arizona Arboretum comprises all space on which the University has developed facilities: the Main Campus from Euclid to Campbell Avenues and from Sixth Street north, across Speedway, to the space surrounding the Banner University of Arizona Medical Center. All plantings on UA property, adjoining UA buildings, and/or defining University open space, in Pima County, Arizona, may be considered as a part of the University of Arizona Arboretum.


The mission of the University of Arizona Campus Arboretum is to preserve, manage, enhance, and expand a vital collection of plants in an active urban Sonoran Desert setting, and to showcase the historic, aesthetic, environmental, economical, and educational value of these plants within our community and the American Southwest. Plants accessioned into the University of Arizona's Collection must assist in fulfilling this mission. 

To accomplish this mission on the grounds of the University of Arizona requires flexibility. The Campus Arboretum recognizes the need to work with Planning, Design, and Construction, Facilities Management, and other interrelated units to develop efficient and practical methods for realizing the goals of stewardship of, and education about, the campus plant collection as it contributes to the larger Tucson urban forest.

The complete policy is housed on the Campus Arboretum website.

      Responsibility for Records System Upkeep
      Timeliness of Records Upkeep
      Plants to be Accessioned
      Minimum Information Required
      Periodic Inventory and Evaluation

      Selection Criteria
      Initiation and Approval of Acquisitions
      Legal and Ethical Aspects of Acquisitions

      Collection Planning
      Safeguarding Collections
      Transplanting Large Specimens

      Decision to Deaccession
      Principles Governing Disposition

      Release of Germplasm
      Special Access



Compliance and Responsibilities

Collection planning to identify specific species acquisition and collection development priorities is the charge of the Collections Committee, with assistance from the Campus Arboretum Advisory Board's New Plants Committee. Collection planning will be engaged in on an ongoing basis, with annual review of specific collections plans taking place as noted below.

Periodic review and recommendations for revision of this Policy shall be the responsibility of the Collections Committee, following formal suggestions from the Campus Arboretum Advisory Board. The Collections Committee shall meet at least once every three years, or at the call of its Chair, to review and recommend revisions to this Policy.

The administration of the Policy is the responsibility of the Director, and the implementation of the Policy is the responsibility of the staff.

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