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Payday and Paychecks

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
September 1, 1988
Last Revised Date: 
March, 2016
Classified Staff Human Resources Policy Manual 310.0
University Handbook for Appointed Personnel 2.06.15
Responsible Unit: 
Financial Services Office, Payroll


Employees will receive their paychecks on Fridays on a biweekly basis in one of three forms:

  1. State Warrant: Checks issued on the State of Arizona's bank account.
  2. Direct Deposit: Payment issued by employee's selection of direct deposit.
  3. Off-Cycle Check: Checks and direct deposits issued on the University of Arizona bank account.

All three payment devices provide information regarding the employee's current and year-to-date gross pay, deductions, employee reimbursements, and net pay.

Paychecks include earnings for the pay period ending the Sunday immediately preceding a payday.

Physical checks are distributed to employees’ home departments on Friday of pay week. Employees who have requested direct deposit of earnings will receive an electronic format of the advice of direct deposit through UAccess Employee Self Service.

Related Information*

Paycheck distribution information is found on the Financial Services Office website.

Payroll Calendars

Revision History*

Revised to reflect electronic processing March 7, 2016

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