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Workers’ Compensation/Job-Related Injuries or Illnesses

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
September 1, 1988
Last Revised Date: 
April, 2015
Classified Staff Human Resources Policy Manual 215.0
University Handbook for Appointed Personnel 8.02.03 and 10.04
Responsible Unit: 
Human Resources


All employees of the University are insured and are provided benefits under the Workers' Compensation Act in the event of a job-related injury or illness. Benefits include medical expenses, compensation for lost time, permanent disability benefits, and death benefits as applicable.

Absence from work due to an on-the job injury or illness is considered to be a serious health condition for the purposes of applying Family and Medical Leave (Policy 218.0). If the employee is eligible for and entitled to Family and Medical Leave, the time away from work up to 12 work weeks should be credited to the employee's Family and Medical Leave entitlement.

Medical Treatment

As provided by A.R.S. 23-908E, the University has designated the Campus Health Service as its physicians.

Injury or Illness

All employees who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses and wish to file workers' Compensation claims are asked to visit the Campus Health Service. If the Campus Health Service is closed, employees are asked to go to the University Medical Center Emergency Room. In emergency situations or when away from the Tucson metropolitan area, employees should go to the nearest medical facility capable of providing the necessary services.

State law provides that the University may name a physician to be employed for job-related injuries and illnesses. The University has accordingly designated the Campus Health Service as its physician for this purpose. The University retains the right to require any injured (or ill) employee to be seen by the Campus Health Service as a Condition of filing a workers' compensation claim on behalf of the employee. If an employee chooses not to be seen by the University-designated medical provider in accordance with this policy the employee may not receive workers' compensation payments.


Workers' Compensation is paid for a temporary complete disability at two-thirds of the employee's average monthly wage at the time of the injury, with a maximum payment of $2,400 per month.

Workers' Compensation pay plus vacation or paid sick time pay may equal but not exceed the employee's full regular salary or wages. Employees who wish to receive vacation or paid sick time pay in conjunction with Workers' Compensation pay may contact Risk Management for assistance.

Benefits Continuation 

An employee on an approved unpaid leave of absence due to an on-the job injury or illness may elect to continue health and dental insurance coverage for a maximum of six months by paying the employee cost. Should the leave of absence be extended beyond six months, the employee may elect to continue insurance coverage by making arrangements with the Human Resources Benefits Unit to pay both the employee and University premiums.

For continuation of other benefits, the employee shall make arrangements with the Benefits Unit.



Notify supervisor of injury or illness and report to Campus Health Service. Notify those in attendance that the injury or illness is work related. Complete the employee's section of the University Accident Report.


Assist the employee in obtaining medical treatment and complete the supervisor's section of the University Accident Report. Distribute copies as indicated on the form.

Risk Management

When accident report is received, start the claims process as outlined in the Payroll/Personnel System Administrative Manual, Workers' Compensation Payment procedure, as revised.

Campus Health Service

Treat the injured employee and initiate the required records. Distribute documents as required.

Note: The Campus Health Service is open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Reference: Worker's Compensation Act, A.R.S. 23-901 to 1091; Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993

Revision History*

03/01/2023: "Division of Human Resources" changed to "Human Resources."

04/2015: Revised to update reporting responsibilities.

06/2007: Revised.

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