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Requests for Position Reclassification

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
September 1, 1988
Last Revised Date: 
December, 2015
Policy Number: 
CSM 304.0
Responsible Unit: 
Human Resources


"Reclassification" is a change in the classification of a position resulting from a job audit by Human Resources where it is found that the duties and responsibilities of the position will be changed permanently, materially, and significantly. An employee must meet the minimum qualifications of the new classification in order to be reclassified.


Reclassification of vacant or occupied positions is appropriate when imminent restructuring of the position will occur as a result of management's decision to change the objectives and nature of the work to be performed. This restructuring should create significant and permanent changes in the duties and responsibilities of the position. All such requests, with the funding identified for any resultant increases by the responsible administrator, must be submitted to Human Resources.

This policy exists to provide management with a vehicle for adjusting job classifications to meet the changing needs of the unit.

The Department Head shall determine whether the proposed changes in duties and responsibilities are significant, material, and permanent. When the Department Head has made such a determination and has identified available reclassification funds, the position shall be considered for reclassification audit. The incumbent should not assume the new duties until funding has been identified and the position has been reclassified.

Department heads shall identify funding prior to submitting requests for position reclassification. Reclassifications and any resultant pay changes shall not be effected retroactively. Reclassifications approved by Human Resources may become effective as of the effective date shown on the reclassification letter from the Human Resources advisor. Normally, this is the beginning of the next pay period.

The salary of an employee who is hired or advanced to a higher pay grade through reclassification shall be established in accordance with Classified Staff Human Resources Policy 306.0 Pay Rates-Hire, Promotion, Reclassification, Regrade.

A Human Resources compensation consultant may approve a salary in exception to the above if the responsible administrator submits a written request that specifies the reason(s) for an exception and has identified the required funds.

Reclassification Appeal Procedure

If a department does not agree with the recommended reclassification of a position, the supervisor shall submit a letter to the Director of Human Resources Advising and Solutions or the Director of Human Resources at UAHS, through the Department Head, within three weeks of the effective date on the reclassification notice from Human Resources specifying the reasons why the classification is not appropriate and proposing a desired classification, referencing job descriptions for both the recommended and desired classifications.

The Director of Human Resources Advising and Solutions or the Director of Human Resources at UAHS shall review the letter, discuss it with the supervisor and, if necessary, the department head, and determine if the classification proposed by the department is more appropriate than the classification initially recommended. The Director of Human Resources Advising and Solutions or the Director of Human Resources at UAHS shall provide written notification and explanation of approval or denial of the alternative classification to the supervisor and department head.

If the department's proposed title is not approved by the Director of Human Resources Advising and Solutions or the Director of Human Resources at UAHS, a further appeal may be addressed to the Vice President of Human Resources and Institutional Effectiveness by the Department Head and should specify the reasons that the classification proposed by the department is appropriate. The Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer shall determine which classification is most appropriate. The decision of the Vice President of Human Resources and Institutional Effectiveness is final and concludes the appeal process. The department should not delay implementation of the reclassification recommended by Human Resources pending the disposition of the appeal. If the appeal is successful, the department may implement the appealed classification retroactively to the same date as the initial reclassification.

Revision History*

12/01/2023: Updated responsible unit email address.

03/01/2023: "Division of Human Resources" changed to "Human Resources."

02/12/2020: Non-substantive title updates.

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