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Grading, Examinations, and Academic Standing

Policy Information

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Last Revised Date: 
October, 2020
Policy Number: 
UHAP 7.08
Responsible Unit: 
Office of the Registrar


7.08.01 Grading Systems

The grading system used by the University of Arizona is available online in the General Catalog, as follows:

7.08.02 Undergraduate Academic Eligibility

Information concerning academic standing, progress, probation, and disqualification is available online in the General Catalog as follows:

All academic policies:

7.08.03 Dishonest Scholastic Work (Plagiarism)

The Code of Academic Integrity is available online as follows:

7.08.04 Mid-Semester and Final Examinations

Information regarding the scheduling of mid-semester and final examinations is available online as follows:

7.08.05 Reporting Final Grades to the Registrar and Students

Information regarding final grade reports is available from the Office of the Registrar as follows:

The manner in which final grades are posted should be in compliance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Additional information is available online as follows:

7.08.06 Changes of Grades

Information on changes of grades is available online as follows:

7.08.07 Grade Appeal

Information on the grade appeal process is available online as follows:

Revision History*

Sections 7.08.01–7.08.02 and 7.08.05–7.08.07 revised September 2001

Section 7.08.04 revised September 2002

Sections 7.08.03 and 7.08.05 revised September 2005

Section 7.08.02 revised to relect new policy October 2020

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