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Employment Testing for Classified Staff

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
September 1, 1988
Last Revised Date: 
March, 2006
Policy Number: 
CSM 110.0
Responsible Unit: 
Division of Human Resources


Employment-related testing shall be limited to demonstrations of activities that an employee would commonly perform in the position for which he or she is being considered. Tests that are to be administered to any candidates for classified staff positions shall be validated in accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s "Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures."

In order to comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's "Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection," departments will be required to demonstrate that any test they wish to use is: valid, job-related, reliable, uniformly administered, and does not have an adverse impact on the employment opportunities of members of protected classes.

Revision History*

Revised March 2006

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