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Duties and Appointments of Service Professional Employees

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August, 2016
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Faculty Affairs


Each service professional employee is appointed subject to the responsibilities detailed in ABOR-PM 6-301, General Provisions and Definitions for Conditions of Service for Academic and Service Professionals, and 6-303, Conditions of Service for Service Professionals. Duties and responsibilities of a service professional employee will consist of those duties assigned by the President. All duties and responsibilities will be carried out under the direction of the President. Duties and responsibilities will be related to the expertise and competence of the service professional employee.

Performance of assigned duties by service professional employees will be subject to evaluation by an appropriate administrator or supervisor. Performance will be considered in decisions relating to compensation, retention, termination, or a decision not to reappoint.

Service professional employees will receive a Notice of Appointment or Reappointment, which is the University's official employment contract. Service professional employees may be offered an appointment for an academic year, a fiscal year, or a limited appointment, which may be renewed at the end of the appointment period for another academic year, fiscal year, or limited appointment. There is no limit on the number of renewals. No oral or written communication made prior to or after the execution of a Notice of Appointment or Notice of Reappointment that is inconsistent or in conflict with this policy will become a part of the conditions of employment.

Appointments that are dependent for continuation of funding from a specific source other than state appropriations will so state in the Notice of Appointment. Such appointments may be reduced in FTE and/or salary or terminated to the extent the nonstate funding is no longer available. Service professional employees appointed to positions supported by nonstate funds may be designated by contract as having other conditions relative to 90-day notice of nonrenewal of appointment.

4C.1.01 Length of Appointments of Service Professional Employees

Service professional employees will have no expectation of employment beyond the end of the current appointment period and are not eligible for continuing status. There is no limit to the number of appointment periods to which a service professional employee may be appointed. Such appointments may be for an academic year, a fiscal year, or a limited appointment. The University may permit service professional employees to hold part-time positions.

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Minor revisions approved August 23, 2016

All sections revised July 2014

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