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Catering and Food Service Policy

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
September 4, 2002
Last Revised Date: 
October, 2014
Policy Number: 
Responsible Unit: 
Procurement & Contracting Services, Contracting Office / Arizona Catering Company


This policy applies to all University and University-related events, regardless of the source of funds used to pay for the event.


The Arizona Student Unions is the designated campus department responsible for the provision of food and beverage services for the University. Arizona Catering Company supports University functions and organizations requiring such services with a focus on the safety and health of the University's students, faculty, staff, and guests. The Office of the Executive Director, Student Unions, coordinates and approves the use of food and beverage services within the scope and applicability of this policy.

When events on the main campus are planned that include food, and the total cost exceeds $750.00, departments and organizations must contact the Arizona Catering Company to make food service arrangements. Departments at AHSC have the option of using the Banner University Medical Center food service. Events costing less than $750.00 and events catered off campus are exempt from this policy. Therefore, in the exempted instances departments may either use the Arizona Catering Company or make arrangements through an off-campus vendor with whom Purchasing and Contracting has executed a current Master Agreement. A Master Agreement must be in place before a vendor is allowed to cater any University event.

Only those vendors operating as specified under existing contracts with the Arizona Catering Company are authorized to provide food for retail sale on campus.

Special Circumstances

The Director, Student Unions, is authorized to grant a waiver in special circumstances. Waiver decisions will not be based on price. A Department or University organization's request for a policy waiver is to be submitted two weeks in advance of the event. A response to the request will be provided within forty-eight (48) hours. When a waiver is granted, the sponsoring department or organization may obtain the catering services of an off-campus vendor with whom Procurement and Contracting has an executed Master Agreement and who is in possession of all permits and licenses required by federal, state, and local laws as applicable.

Decisions that arise from waiver requests may be appealed to the Assistant Vice President of Auxiliary Services.

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Revision History*

10/10/2023: Removed list of approved caterers, individuals are to submit the catering waiver form for review and approval of the requested catering.

07/01/2021: Non-substantive title changes.

03/10/2005 and 10/06/2014: Reviewed and edited.

09/04/2002: Revised.

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