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Arizona Board of Regents

The Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manualinitially adopted by the Arizona Board of Regents on March 12, 1983, and updated periodically thereafter, constitutes the complete and official body of policies for the governance and operation of the Arizona University System. All policies found in this policy manual are subject to change from time to time as approved by the Arizona Board of Regents. The web copy is updated as needed following approval and represents the most current source for ABOR policies.


ABOR Policies Cited in UA Policies

Chapter 1

1-117 Naming of Facilities and Programmatic Units for Individuals or Organizations

1-119 Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment

1-201. Procedures for Rule Adoption—General Provisions

Chapter 2

2-222. Descriptions and Definitions of Academic Units (formerly 2-302)


Chapter 3

3-801. University Procurement Code—General Provisions

3-802. Procurement Authority

3-803. Bidding and Source Selection Procedures

3-804. Professional Services and Construction Services Procurement

3-805. Specifications

3-806. Contract Clauses

3-807. Materials Management

3-808. Intergovernmental Procurement

3-809. Legal Remedies

3-810. Small Business Procurement Program

3-901. Conflict of Interest

Chapter 5

5-108. Sale and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

5-301 Code of Conduct

5-302. Code of Conduct–Definitions

5-303. Prohibited Conduct

5-304. Sanctions

5-305. Groups and Organizations

5-306. Enforcement of the Code

5-307. Code of Conduct—Miscellaneous Provisions

5-308. Student Code of Conduct

5-401. Student Disciplinary Procedures–General


Chapter 6

6-101. Conditions of Administrative Service

6-201. Conditions of Faculty Service

6-208. Honored Faculty Positions

6-213-Voluntary Release of Right to Continued Employment

6-301. Conditions of Service for Academic and Service Professionals

6-302  Conditions of Service for Academic Professionals

6-303  Conditions of Service for Service Professionals

6-310. Conditions of Postdoctoral Scholar Service

6-402. Compensation and Classification Administration Policies

6-603. Voluntary 403(b) Program

 6-701. Loyalty Oath

6-705. Outside Employment

6-709. Mandatory Background Checks for Employees and Process for Hiring, Retaining, or Terminating Employees Convicted of a Felony Offense

6-803 Vacation Leave

6-804. Sick Leave

6-807 Administrative Leave

6-809. Compassionate Transfer of Leave

6-902. Qualified Tuition Reduction Program

6-908. Intellectual Property Policy

6-909.10. Technology Transfer Policy

6-912. Access to or Disclosure of Personnel Records or Information

6-914. Protection of Employees from Reprisal for Whistleblowing

Chapter 7

7-102. Overview of the Capital Development Process and Phases

7-202. (Real Property) Ownership and Procedures

7-203. Purchase of Real Property

7-209. Rental Rates



Guidelines Governing the Relationships between Component Unit Affiliates and Universities under the Jurisdiction of the Arizona Board of Regents

Guidelines for Assigning the Names of Individuals, Families, or Organizations to Campus Facilities or Programmatic Units