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Acknowledgment and Advertising on University of Arizona Web Pages

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
September 4, 2002
Last Revised Date: 
October, 2002
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Responsible Unit: 
University Relations Marketing

Purpose and Summary

The purpose of this policy is to define the parameters of acceptable acknowledgment of or advertising by non-University parties on University of Arizona web pages.


Every website linked to the University of Arizona must adhere to University policies regarding acknowledgment of outside support and advertising.


"Acknowledgment" means displaying the name or logo or product lines of a non-University party on a web page in recognition of goods or services or financial support provided by that party. Acknowledgment does not imply endorsement.

"Advertising" means offering space on a web page to another party for the purpose of promoting or marketing any trade or business or any service, facility, or product. Advertising includes messages containing qualitative or comparative language, price information or other indications of savings or value, an endorsement, or an inducement to purchase, sell, or use any company, service, facility, or product.

"Sponsorship" means the provision of money, goods, or services by another party to support a University of Arizona project or activity without promotion of that party or its goods or services being the principal purpose. Acknowledgment of such support may or may not be a condition of the support. Sponsorship does not imply endorsement.

"University of Arizona Web Page" means any web page that officially represents a University unit.

"Unit" means an official University department, school, college, division, program, or office.

"Web Support" means the provision of money, goods, or services to design, develop, or maintain a University web page or set of pages; i.e., a website.



Campus units may acknowledge support, including business support and sponsorships, on University web pages. The support must be consistent with the mission of the University, and acknowledgment of that support does not imply endorsement and may not extensively promote the supporting party or business. Acknowledgment may include logos and slogans that do not contain qualitative or comparative descriptions of the non-University party's products, services, facilities, or company; a list of such party's locations, telephone numbers, or Internet address; value-neutral descriptions, including displays or visual depictions, of the party's product line or services; and the party's brand or trade names and product or service listings.

There are various reasons why acknowledgment of a party, or of goods and services provided by that party, may be made. A sponsoring relationship may or may not be acknowledged. In some cases, acknowledgment may be required by the party as a condition of providing money, goods, or services, or of the use of proprietary software on which a core function of the page is based (e.g., a link to the Google search engine).

Allowable forms of acknowledgment on a University web page may include, but are not limited to, displaying

  • The name of a supporting party or business;
  • The party's logo or slogan when the logo or slogan does not contain comparative or qualitative descriptions of a business's products, services, facilities, or companies;
  • The party's logo or slogan, when it does not include a call to action or solicitation of business;
  • The party's address, telephone number, web address, or link to its website;
  • The party's brand or trade names (excluding alcohol and tobacco products; see Sponsorship of Events by Alcoholic Beverage Corporations/Distributors) and product or service listings.


Individuals (students, staff, or faculty) may not sell advertising or advertise goods or services.

Any University administrative units, including any University departments, colleges, or divisions, may sell advertising on their web pages only to the extent that current University policy would allow such advertising in print media, and only pursuant to an appropriately approved contractual agreement between the University and the third party. Advertising contracts must be reviewed, approved, and executed through the Department of Procurement and Contracting Services. Storage of images, sound files, and other advertising files on University computer facilities will be at the discretion of the unit that owns the facilities, subject to applicable law and University policies.

The sale of advertising must be consistent with the mission of the unit and the University, and all proceeds must be retained in University accounts.

The sale of advertising may be subject to taxation, notwithstanding the University’s tax-exempt status. Units are individually responsible for all tax payments and liabilities, including penalties and attorneys’ fees, in relation to Unrelated Business Income Tax or other tax assessments arising from the sale of advertising.

The sale of advertising in certain contexts may be subject to regulation under Arizona’s competition with private enterprise statutes, and may also be subject to procurement procedures. Advertising may not be undertaken in violation of these or other applicable statutes.

The responsibility for determining and monitoring the legality, appropriateness, and content of advertising will lie with each individual unit head. Units must consult with their fund accountant in the Financial Services Office.

Other Reasons for Displaying Information Related to Businesses

Not every appearance of a business entity’s name or of an image or other item closely identified with the entity is necessarily an acknowledgment of support. Sometimes such displays are used solely as a means of improving communication or comprehension.

Revision History*

06/23/2021: Non-substantive updates

10/28/2002: Revised 

* Please note that sections titled Frequently Asked Questions, Sources, Related Information, and Revision History are provided solely for the convenience of users and are not part of the official University policy.

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