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Proposed Conflict of Interest & Commitment Policy

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
December 5, 2019
Last Revised Date: 
December, 2019
Responsible Unit: 
Conflict of Interest Program
(520) 626-6406

Purpose and Summary

This policy incorporates the University's six conflict of interest and commitment policies into one policy to alleviate confusion and contradictions across policies. It serves to prevent unethical behavior, promote objectivity in research, and ensure conflicts of interest and commitment are appropriately eliminated or managed.

Proposed Conflict of Interest & Commitment Policy

Policy Impact and Tracking Statement

The proposed policy incorporates and replaces the policies hyperlinked below:

1. Conflict of Commitment Policy

2. Conflict of Interest (UHAP) Policy

3. Conflict of Interest in Purchasing Policy

4. Consulting or Other Outside Employment Policy

5. Individual Conflict of Interest in Research Policy

6. Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy

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