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Computer and Network Access Agreement Policy

Policy Information

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Effective Date: 
August 13, 2009
Last Revised Date: 
February, 2010
Policy Number: 
Responsible Unit: 
UA Information Security
(520) 621-8476

Purpose and Summary

This policy is displayed to the potential user of computer and network resources. If the user does not agree to abide by this policy, access to the requested resource is denied. Refer to the Acceptable Use of Computers and Networks Policy (IS-701) at the University of Arizona for specific detail.


The use of these computers/networks is a privilege granted to members of the University community. When using this account, you are agreeing to:

  1. Take no actions which violate the Codes of Conduct or Academic Integrity, Classified Staff Human Resources Policy Manual, University Handbook for Appointed Personnel, or other applicable policy or law.

  2. Use these resources only for purposes consistent with the University's mission and applicable policy or law. Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to

    • Sending harassing messages or in any way harassing other computer users;

    • Gaining or attempting to gain access to accounts or files without permission on any computer or network system;

    • Making unauthorized copies or distributing copies without permission of any copyright protected software, or other copyrighted or trademarked material, regardless of source;

    • Taking actions which threaten the security or capacity of computer or network systems, or which destroy, damage, or overload these resources;

    • Violating any applicable law or policy.

Failure to abide by these policies will result in revocation of your privileges to use computing and network resources. Although we have backup procedures in place, use of these facilities is at your own risk since recoverability and security of data cannot be guaranteed. Files, data, and disks may be considered UA property and are therefore subject to access by the University. Certain data may also be subject to access pursuant to Arizona Public Records statutes, via subpoena, or consistent with other state or federal law.

Inspection, monitoring, or disclosure of e-mail may be granted or required under conditions described in the Electronic Mail Policy. The Electronic Mail Policy's procedures will be followed where necessary.

Revision History*

Revised February 22, 2010

* Please note that sections titled Frequently Asked Questions, Related Information, and Revision History are provided solely for the convenience of users and are not part of the official University policy.