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Administrative Leave (With Pay)

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Policy Number: 
UHAP 8.03.01
Responsible Unit: 
Division of Human Resources
(520) 621-3660


Employees may be entitled to administrative leave with pay in the following instances:

A. Voting

Employees must be granted leave for voting purposes as provided by applicable law.

B. Emergency Leave

Employees may be granted temporary emergency leave if they are excused from work by the President of the University because of a natural disaster or other reason which may restrict or jeopardize the employees' safety or health.

C. Jury Duty and Material Witness Service

An employee called upon for service as a jury member or as a material witness must be granted leave sufficient to provide the service. Any employee who receives a fee for serving as a juror in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes 21-221, or as a material witness in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes 12-303, shall either remit such fee to the institution or have an equal amount deducted from his or her pay. Reimbursements for travel expenses may be retained by the employee.

Employees who seek to be excused from or to defer jury service should obtain the necessary certification of employment from the University and request such consideration from the Office of the Jury Commissioner of the appropriate court. Faculty members are rarely excused entirely from jury duty service, but the period of service may be arranged to accommodate teaching obligations.

D. Court Appearances

An employee who is required to appear in court as a party with regard to a personal matter is not eligible for paid administrative leave, but may use accrued vacation, if applicable, or request time off without pay.

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