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APPENDIX: Specific Health and Safety Measures in Response to COVID-19

The University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is based on guidance from public health officials or current research. As guidance or research changes, the University community may be asked to follow processes and procedures not specified in this policy. New or amended procedures will be broadly shared with the University community on the University’s COVID-19 Response webpage.

Complete Training

The University requires all students, faculty, and staff to complete training on safety and hygiene practices to limit transmission of the COVID-19 infection. Specifically, for the Fall 2020 semester, faculty and staff must complete the Return to Work training. All students must complete the Do Your Part training and Classroom Expectations training.

Wear Face Coverings

To reduce the transmission of COVID-19 infection, all University students, faculty, staff, associates, affiliates, volunteers, contractors, and visitors are required to wear a face covering in all University Buildings, unless you are alone in a single-occupancy setting. This includes all classrooms and other group instructional settings.

Face coverings also must be worn in any University of Arizona outdoor space where continuous physical distancing of at least 6 feet is difficult or impossible to maintain. For more information, please see the Administrative Directive on the Use of Face Coverings and the University’s webpage on face coverings.

Perform Wellness Checks

In order to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, all on-campus students and employees, as well as visitors to campus and University Facilities, are required to sign up for a text or web-based wellness screening system called Wildcat WellCheck. This system requires the user to screen against CDC symptoms to identify whether they are clear to come to campus each day. The system is available at the Wildcat WellCheck website.

Get Tested

Testing is a vital part of the Test, Trace, Treat strategies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The University may require viral testing of all students, faculty, and staff who are participating in on-campus activities, which includes attending in-person classes and working in University facilities. The exact nature and frequency of the testing may change based on the latest public health guidance and available testing resources.

Positive Case Notification

Students, faculty, and staff who participate in on-campus activities, including attending in-person classes and working in University facilities, must notify the University when they test positive for COVID-19. More information about positive case notification can be found at the University’s Workplace Positive Case Protocol.

Participate in Contact Tracing

When there are cases of COVID-19 on campus, effective and rapid contact tracing helps to minimize transmission. The University and local public health organizations have specific processes in place for contact tracing. All students, faculty, and staff who are participating in on-campus activities, which includes attending in-person classes and working in University facilities, must cooperate with contact tracing processes. Learn more about the university’s contract tracing efforts with the College of Public Health’s SAFER team.

Use the University’s App

The University has co-developed a COVID-19 exposure notification alert app—COVIDWATCH—with health education information related to COVID-19. It is strongly recommended that all students, faculty, and staff who are participating in on-campus activities, which includes attending in-person classes and working in University facilities, use the app to help facilitate testing, contact tracing, exposure, and positive case notification procedures and strategies. See the COVIDWATCH website for more information about the app.

Practice Physical Distancing

Following guidance by public health agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and Pima County, members of the University Community must practice physical distancing whenever possible.

Follow Restrictions on In-Person Meetings and Events

As part of its COVID-19 response, the University is following the state of Arizona’s recommendations and executive order requirements. The plan’s restrictions on in-person meetings and events change based on public health conditions and metrics. The University will update its on-campus meeting and event guidelines based on the latest executive orders and guidance from the Governor’s Office.

Whenever possible, remote work as approved by supervisors is encouraged. More information can be found in the University’s Work from Home Guidelines. Event and meeting organizers should use remote or online options in place of in-person meetings as possible.

Disabilities and Medical Conditions

For more information about accessibility concerns related to the COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures, visit the Disability Resource Center’s COVID-Related Information website.


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