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Proposed University Closure Compensation

Policy Information

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Last Revised Date: 
March, 2017

Purpose and Summary

The University observes an annual scheduled period of University Closure between the Christmas holiday and the New Year's holiday. During this period, the President or the President’s designee may identify certain buildings and/or areas that will be exempt from the University Closure based on a business need to remain open.

When the University is closed, most employees do not report to work and do not receive regular pay. This policy provides appropriate compensation.


This policy applies to Appointed Personnel, Classified Staff, and Postdoctoral Scholars.


  1. Fiscal-Year Employees and Postdoctoral Scholars
    University employees, including Postdoctoral Scholars, who are eligible for full benefits and are scheduled to work on a fiscal-year schedule shall receive paid University Closure Time. Employees must be in an approved paid status on the last scheduled workday before the Christmas holiday and the first scheduled workday after the New Year’s holiday in order to receive University Closure Time.

    Those employees required to work during University Closure shall report normal work hours and shall arrange with their supervisor to take holiday and University Closure hours before the end of the fiscal year.
  2. Academic-Year Faculty
    Faculty on academic-year appointments are not scheduled to work during the academic break, so their compensation is not affected by the University Closure. Their rate of pay is unrelated to any additional effort outside of the Notice of Appointment and is not subject to reduction because of the University Closure.
  3. Non-Benefits Eligible and Limited-Benefits-Eligible Employees
    Employees who are not benefits eligible or are eligible for limited benefits may use Excused Unpaid Absence if they normally would be scheduled to work during the University Closure. Based on business need, supervisors may authorize these employees to work additional hours prior to University Closure to offset the unpaid time when the University is closed.

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Payroll and Timekeeping Information
University Closure payroll instructions and processing calendars are available at

Relevant institutional policies include Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual, University Handbook for Appointed Personnel (UHAP), the Classified Staff Human Resources Policy Manual; the Graduate Assistant Manual, and the Student Employment Manual (SEM).

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