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PROPOSED REVISION: UHAP 2.11.01 Printed Materials

Policy Information

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Last Revised Date: 
March, 2018
Policy Number: 
UHAP 2.11.01
Responsible Unit: 
Faculty Affairs
(520) 626-0202

Purpose and Summary

In response to extensive feedback, new a new draft of the proposed policy revision has been posted on 4/24/18

Custom publishing and subscription databases have changed the landscape of college textbooks, and created conflict of interest concerns about the profits that can be generated by creating textbooks for particular courses that students are required to buy and may not be able to sell back. The proposed policies address this concern in a way that protects the rights of faculty members and other instructors to adopt the best possible texts while also attending to the high costs of textbooks can create hidden access barriers for UA students

View draft 3 policy revision here.

View policy impact statement here.

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