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Last Revised Date: 
July, 2015
Policy Number: 
UHAP 2.11
Responsible Unit: 
Division of Human Resources
(520) 621-3660


2.11.01 Faculty-Authored Books and Materials Assigned in Classes

There is no prohibition against the assignment of a textbook by its authors for their classes, nor against the collection of related royalties, provided the textbook has been printed and copyrighted by a recognized publishing house at its own expense, has been made available for open sale, and has been approved for such use by the dean of the college concerned. In cases where deans teach and assign materials of this type, approval shall be obtained from the Provost.

2.11.02 Sale and Distribution of Books and Materials to Students

Educational material to be copied, in any way, and sold for use in class or laboratory work at the University of Arizona is available for sale through the Student Union Fast Copy Center, as well as outside vendors, primarily to University students enrolled in the courses in which the material is to be used. Neither appointed personnel nor staff members may have any financial interest in or receive compensation from the sale of such material.

Neither appointed personnel nor staff members may sell materials, books, or publications of any kind directly to students. Cooperative purchases of magazines or other literature should be handled by the students involved or by UA BookStores.

2.11.03 Publications Issued by Colleges and Departments

All printed publications originating from the campus and placed in general circulation are official representations of the University, regardless of funding. Therefore, departmental and college publishing procedures must be followed. Individuals may not arrange so-called private printing for University-funded publications. All printed materials originating from campus and dealing with University curriculum and academic matters must be approved by the Director of Curriculum and Registration before typesetting is begun.

2.11.04 Reproduction of Copyrighted Material

Reproduction of copyrighted material for any use, including classroom use, must conform to federal law. The University advises personnel wishing to reproduce copyrighted material to obtain written permission from the copyright holder. Permission without fee is commonly granted when the proposed use is educational and nonprofit.

The Main Library and Law Library maintain materials on copyright law.

Related Information*

The Main Library and Law Library maintain materials on copyright law. Consult Understanding Copyright, available online at the University Libraries website.

Revision History*

Section 2.11.03 recommended for repeal, July 2015

Section 2.11.04 revised September 2002

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