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Political Activity (UHAP)

Policy Information

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Last Revised Date: 
January, 2016
Policy Number: 
UHAP 2.10
Responsible Unit: 
Division of Human Resources
(520) 621-3660


University of Arizona employees may participate in political activity outside the classroom as citizens, but must not allow their interest in a particular party candidate or political issue to affect the objectivity of their teaching or the performance of any other assigned duties and responsibilities.

Employees of The University of Arizona shall not use, directly or by implication, the name of the University or their affiliation with the University in the endorsement of political candidates, initiatives, or referendums, or in supporting or opposing a position on other political issues.

Appointed personnel who desire to campaign for public office or who are elected to public office should request an appropriate full or partial leave of absence (see Section 8.04.04). The President shall determine the extent of the leave for a given case after review of recommendations by the appropriate dean or director and vice president.

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